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Jerry Tarantino


Jerry Tarantino founded Home Energy Services in 2009 and started as the housing market was going through a transition. Energy efficiency was evolving. Learning a new business was a challenge but eventually realized his passion to assist homeowners on how to make their homes safer, healthier, more comfortable ...as well as Energy Efficient.

Our Team

The Home Energy Services team is made up of professionals who are eager to help you save money by making your home work as a system. We offer a variety of services, therefore we have several experts on our team!


Why Work With Us?

“Jerry was very professional, yet casual. I expected him to come in with grand tales of saving me 40% a month on my energy bills and the typical spiel, but instead, his focus was on "here's the problem areas I see, here's what I can do, here's how it may improve." He even entertained other ideas and questions I had and he provided honest feedback on the returns I could expect, and steps I could take to do the work myself to avoid a costly job that wouldn't provide adequate results.” - Mark, KY

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